Meet Frank Fahey

Members sometimes tend to take for granted the ambience and numerous benefits enjoyed at the Resource Center, not the least of which include the vastly improved facilities available at SHARE. For much of this, a huge debt of gratitude is owed to Frank Fahey, instrumental in many of the changes that have occurred over the years.
Frank became a member of HHICC in November, 1995, a few weeks after moving to the island. His active involvement began almost immediately thereafter when he attended a new series of programs initiated by Jim Harty called “An Evening on the Internet,” at which people were introduced to some of the wonders of the internet for the first time. Different sites around the world were visited during these meetings which generally lasted one to one and a half hours. Frank was elected Treasurer a year later and served in that post from January, 1997, until year’s end in 2002, at which time he took over the position of Vice-President. Frank served in that capacity throughout 2003, when he took over as President for 2004. He also served HHICC as Technical Director during much of his tenure.
As is true of so many of our long-time volunteers, it is not possible to enumerate all Frank’s achievements in a brief sketch such as this. However, thanks in large part to his efforts, HHICC continues to function as a vibrant, still-growing organization dedicated to the service of other non-profits and the welfare of the community in general. In due course, a history of Hilton Head Island Computer Club will be published which will better delineate the scope of Frank’s contributions to our Club and Hilton Head Island.