Meet Harvey Beeferman

There are a handful of club members without whose commitment HHICC would not be what it is today. Most of you already know Harvey, thanks to his active participation and unfailing availability when help is needed.
Harvey joined HHICC in 1995, four years after moving to Hilton Head Island with wife Bonnie. He soon became an integral part of the club, and these days his presence is felt everywhere. Harvey has served two terms as HHICC Vice President and three terms as President. He has led numerous SIGs and created the Workshop Program from which we all benefit Thanks to his efforts, HHICC membership continues to grow annually.
Harvey now serves as a Director at Large along with Jim Harty (whom you will meet in a future newsletter). Harvey credits Jim’s mentoring and teaching as largely responsible for his ability to expand the scope of the club.
He has been asked to become active in other groups, and while assisting the efforts of numerous non-profit organizations, his commitment to HHICC remains his primary objective, along with his duties managing OneLook and RhymeZone (see below). You can catch up with Harvey at a Workshop, the “Great Free Stuff on the Web” SIG, or Friday afternoons at the Resource Center. He states: “I’m happiest when I’ve helped solve a problem and have learned something in the process.”