Meet Pete Kennan

Pete Keenan was one of the eleven people who founded the Hilton Head Island Computer Club in the fall of 1989, and is the last of that group to continue his active membership. He is still a young man at age 96 and serves as a Resource Center volunteer every Thursday morning. Pete and his wife Tee retired to the Island in 1976, built a house in Spanish Wells, and got busy right away, he in a computer programming business and she in the hospital gift shop and the HHI Garden Council. He had enjoyed a long career at Union Carbide, first in Charleston, WV, and then in New York (where he walked to work). In fact it was on his first day on the job that he met his wife-to-be. She was the receptionist. He and Tee had been married 62 years when she died in 2005. They have two sons, John and Jim, and three grandchildren.
He is vague about his first years as a volunteer when the Computer Club set up its first Resource Center in the Courtyard Building and later at the Technical College Center, except for one activity he remembers well: Some time in the 90’s, he joined eight or ten other enthusiasts in an HHICC-sponsored class where each student would build his own desktop computer.
He owns three other computers. He bought his first desktop at a discount when his son Jim worked at IBM, and later a laptop, and another laptop when the first one was “full of financial stuff”. They are all in his office in the TidePointe home where he now lives.
Pete turned 96 on June 19, 2009 but he’s not slowing down much. His current hobby that keeps him constantly energized is an Excel computer program, the first version of which he wrote four years ago, to show people how to solve Sudoku puzzles. He reads books on Sudoku and keeps getting ideas on improvements he can make. He’s now working on version nine!